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Outdoor LED Street Light Fixtures

Traditional street lights VS LED street lighting fixtures

The power of traditional street lights that usually used are 200W-400W . Even though the initial price is slightly cheaper, the consumption of traditional lights is huge, moreover the life span is only one-fifth of LED light fixtures. So short life span and high maintenance cost are shortages of traditional street lights. Whereas if it needs to achieve the same illumination, the LED street lamp can be realized with only 50-200W, which directly reduces the general energy consumption. In addition, its service life is several times as traditional lights. LED is the best alternative to street lighting to replace traditional lamps (metal halide, halogen, HPS, mercury vapor and fluorescent lamps).

Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lighting fixtures have the following advantages :

1, The led street light is unidirectional and there is no light diffusion to ensure the lighting efficiency. It is irradiated to the illuminated area, which improves the lighting efficiency further so that to achieve the purpose of energy saving. At the same time, LED street lights have low maintenance cost and high life;

 2, The CRI of high-pressure sodium lamps is only about 20 ,while led street light is above 70, which is a very amazing change;

 3, The light decay of the led street light is small, it is less than 3% in a year, meanwhile it can still stay on high illuminance at the end of its life. Whereas high-pressure sodium light has a large attenuation, and can drop by more than 30% in one year;

 4, LED street lights can be turned on and off instantly. But traditional lamps require a warm-up time of 5-10 minutes. Therefore, the LED street light can realize smart control, and the installed sensor can automatically adjust or switch according to the brightness of ambient. It is also one of the reasons why LED street lights are 60-80% more energy efficient than traditional street lights;

 5,Traditional lighting—high-pressure sodium lights have the problems of mercury pollution ,while LED street lights can solve these problems, and they are more friendly to the environment , as itself does not contain lead, mercury, no pollution, no flicker.LED street lights are safer and will not pollute the environment.

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